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Band Bio

Rainbow Patrol is a progressive desert rock band formed in Lethbridge, Alberta in 2014. Their current lineup consists of Richard Charlton (bass 2015-2021, vocals, guitar, synth, audio engineer), brothers Travis Arnoldussen (drums, vocals), and Chris Arnoldussen (lead guitar) who have both been in the band since its formation. The latest and final addition to the lineup is Jacqueline Kennelly (bass, backup guitar) who joined Rainbow Patrol when they reunited after a two year hiatus, and exploded back into the desert rock scene with their new single "I Float" in 2022. 

Their music has been described as a psychedelic mix of fuzz heavy riffs reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Sword, Elder, and Baroness, with a groove that will make you think of Black Sabbbath. Top this off with unique vocals and multiple singers, ranging from the hauntingly clean to earth shattering growls, and you get a band that truly sounds like no other. "I Float", along with every other release to date has been produced, distributed, and marketed entirely independently by members, and friends of the band. After favorable word of mouth and increasing presence online, Rainbow Patrol received airplay on radio stations all across Canada from Kelowna BC, to London ON, as well as receiving national airtime in countries such as Italy, Norway, United States, and UK to name a few. 

Currently Rainbow Patrol is performing shows regularly in Southern Alberta, where it is very likely you will hear one of their multiple new unreleased singles. This will be the only way you get to hear brand new, unrecorded original Rainbow Patrol songs. Currently the members are all hard at work on new songs, with around an albums worth of new material. They hope to start recording independently in the next upcoming months, and anticipate a release sometime in 2024 with tour support once released. Check out the Shows page to see if they are playing near you!

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